CODA Bespoke designs make life easier for Louie George

Good design isn’t just about making a space look good, it’s about enhancing how people live. We are honoured to be involved in a project helping to make life easier for a young Barnsley boy living with a rare condition that has a major impact on every aspect of his life.

When Louie George Wood was born at just 28 weeks in 2016 he weighed only 2lb and suffered a brain bleed, chronic lung disease, suspected sepsis, anaemia and stomach issues.

Having survived that ordeal though, mum and dad Jodie and Tom and older brother Jake were then given the devastating news that Louie George had been diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy.

The family has now set about the task of raising the £120,000 needed to pay for life improving surgery in the USA.

And at the same time they have put out an appeal for help in making their Mapplewell home safer and more user friendly for Louie George.

Disability home for Louie George

“We live in an old house and one that really isn’t very easy for Louie George to get around in,” Jodie explained.

“I went onto Facebook and put out a bit of a cry for help and we were amazed by the response.

“It turned into a bit of a DIY SOS sort of situation, with builders, tilers and plumbers all offering their help.

“But most important at this stage, Abel Hinchliffe from CODA Bespoke got in touch and offered to create the designs for the extension we need.”

Those plans, which have now been approved by Barnsley Council, will see the creation of a new kitchen deigned with Louie George’s needs in mind, improved access to the garden, a lift, specially adapted toilet, physio room and a wet room.”

“It was really important to us that Louie George should be upstairs with us at night and not in another part of the house,” Jodie said.

“He suffers from chronic lung disease and you can guarantee that things always happen at night so I need to know I can run straight in to him.

“CODA’s designs give us everything that we need and we can’t wait to get the work started.”

CODA Bespoke director Abel Hinchliffe said: “We were delighted to be able to offer our assistance in making life easier for Louie George and the whole family.

“We know how important architectural design is, not only in creating a building that is beautiful but also in creating a building that is useful, no matter what your physical condition.”

As the family look forward to work getting underway, they are also continuing the fundraising for Louie George’s surgery. To make a donation simply visit the Just Giving website here >>

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