Bringing 21st century design excellence to Victorian Sheffield

We are delighted to announce that we have recently received permission to bring a Victorian property in the city Nether Edge neighbourhood into the 21st century.

The extension to the property in Edgehill Road aims to produce a high quality extension, creating a family home on Edgehill Road without losing the character of the original building.
House Extension Sheffield Planning Approved
Planning Secured
The project, which has been approved by Sheffield Council’s Planning Department will improve the property, bringing the internal layout up to modern living standards by removing poorly-built additions to the original Victorian villa.

“Our design seeks to be a complementary yet modern addition to the house,” said CODA Bespoke director Abel Hinchliffe.

“Attempting to mimic the original 19th Century building would inevitably lead to the site looking awkward and distasteful.

“Instead, the extension will be housed in a design that is sensitive to the streetscape and historic nature of the area.

“By using stone material and subtle detailing to the front but offering a more striking, yet private, external visual to the rear, the design avoids the pretence of having been there for nearly 150 years.”

Abel added that there were a number of precedents across the Nether Edge area for striking contemporary architecture.

“Unusual form, varied materials, and good contrasts from old to new have all been widely welcomed in the Nether Edge area, and all sit well with in the surroundings of this beautiful part of the city,” he said.

“As you explore the Nether Edge area the different buildings demonstrate the advancing architectural styles throughout time and this is something we are hoping to replicate in our design by celebrating the original Victorian villa alongside an elegant contemporary addition.”

It is expected that work on the site will begin early 2021.
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