4 Things Architects Want You to Know About Your Self-build or Renovation

Abel Hinchliffe
4 Things Architects Want You to Know About Your Self-build or Renovation

Clarity is key in any working relationship. The partnership between a client and an architect is no exception. If you’re looking to work with an architect on your self-build or renovation, there are a few things you should know, which can make the process a lot smoother – and ensure you’re delighted with the end results…

1. Your involvement is key

When you’re working with any kind of expert, it’s only natural to be unsure about the value of your input. But don’t be. The purpose of a good architect is to turn your vision into a reality – and they can’t do that without hearing about your dream home.

That includes everything from your initial expectations and budget to feedback along the way. Never hold back on your honesty if something isn’t quite right!

Of course, there might be times when you genuinely want your architect to take the lead. That’s absolutely fine. What’s important is that it’s your decision. You decide your level of involvement and let your architect work to your requirements.

2. You need to have a budget

Knowing your budget is critical to any successful self-build or renovation project. It gives architects a better idea of what’s practical and what’s not. As discussed in our guide to setting your budget, there are a few steps to success:

  • Plan carefully, getting quotes for as much work as possible rather than relying on ballpark figures
  • Set a contingency of 10-20% for unforeseen costs
  • Get expert advice from the very start to ensure your budget is realistic

3. We can help with more than just design

That brings us nicely to the next point – the remit of an architect. With a wealth of experience in the entire process of self-building and renovation, we can do far more than most clients think.

The primary role of an architect is to create designs for your building. However, we can also help with project management, choosing contractors, or – as above – budgeting. Most importantly, we can add so much value in the process.

All too often, clients contract multiple parties to help with these tasks, or go them alone, without realising that their architect is the perfect fit.

4. No project is plain sailing

Finally, self-builds and renovations can be difficult. Creating your dream living space or home can take time (and money), and there’s no guarantee that problems and setbacks won’t arise.

What’s important is that you have the right architects by your side to help you overcome those hurdles, rather than shirking away from the challenge. And remember, the rewards will be absolutely worth it!

Get better acquainted with CODA Bespoke

Working with architects doesn’t have to be a mysterious guessing game. If you’re planning a self-build or renovation in South Yorkshire, speak to the team at CODA Bespoke.

With 40 years of experience, our RIBA-accredited architects can help you with every step toward your dream home. It all starts with a conversation – contact us today to find out more.

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