Can My Architect Help Me If Planning Permission Is Refused?

Abel Hinchliffe

If you’ve just had planning permission refused, you’ll no doubt be wondering why. Or maybe you’re looking to avoid getting planning permission denied in the first place? Whatever the case, an architect can help – as this article will outline.

Why does planning permission get refused?

There are a few reasons why you may have experienced a planning application refusal. Some of the most common ones include conflict with a national or local planning policy, environmental concerns, issues with the design either in terms of building material or visual appearance, and loss of privacy for a neighbour.

If your proposal has been denied, there are steps that you can take in order to work around this – including help from an architect.

Can an architect help to secure planning permission?

Yes, an architect can help you secure planning permission, and they can also help to rework any planning application that has been refused for re-submission. However, as the Architects Registration Board specify, no architect can absolutely guarantee planning permission – the authority for that lies with the planning board.

An architect will be able to help you consider any local authority guidelines, as well as any other regulations by which your planning permission needs to abide. As such, it might be wise to consult with an architect before putting in your proposal, to maximise your chance of securing permission.

What to do if your planning permission is refused

If your planning application has been refused, there are steps that you can take, including the following…


If you feel that your permission was unfairly refused, you can appeal the decision to the Secretary of State. This has to be done within twelve weeks of the refusal. It’s worth bearing in mind that appeals tend to be long, sometimes costly processes, with infrequent success if no changes are made to the application.

Hire an architect, withdraw, and revise

As detailed above, hiring an architect isn’t a failsafe way of getting your approval, but they will be able to advise on the appropriateness of your proposal.

If you’re concerned that your application might be rejected, you can withdraw it before refusal and revise it for resubmission. This might be a useful step if you and your architect realise that the proposal has a potential issue that might lead to refusals.

Hire an architect and resubmit

You can hire an architect if your initial application was refused, as they can help you to make the changes necessary in order to accord with the planning council’s feedback. You then have the chance to submit another application for free within a year of refusal.

The council or planning body will have provided you with detailed reasons for the refusal, which you can then take on board when you rework your submission.

Speak to us about your planning permission

If you’re looking to submit a planning proposal, talk to the team at CODA Bespoke today. We can help you to develop a successful, uniquely tailored planning proposal based around your individual needs and wants.

With over 40 years collective experience in luxury residential architecture, as well as a host of awards under our belt, we’re confident that we can design and deliver superior living spaces. Contact us today.

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