Planning to Renovate Your Home in 2024? What to Know Before You Start

Abel Hinchliffe
Planning to Renovate Your Home in 2024? What to Know Before You Start

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Planning a home renovation in 2024? Whether you’re dreaming of clean lines and contemporary finishes or are passionate about preserving the charm and character of a heritage building, renovations are an exciting opportunity to enhance your living space.

Starting with a well-structured plan and clear vision is the key to pulling off a successful project. In this article, we’ll share tips and advice from our in-house team. The goal? To help you streamline your home renovation project and bring your vision to life.

1. Define your vision

Your home is an expression of your lifestyle, values and personal taste. So, it makes sense to begin your renovation journey by outlining your vision. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve with this project.

Are you looking to create open and spacious living areas? Is eco-conscious luxury a priority? How do you feel about blending classic and contemporary styles? Defining your vision is the first step to a successful renovation project.

2. Set a realistic budget

Dreaming big is exciting. But for most homeowners, it’s important to set a realistic budget. This will help keep your project on track and prevent any nasty surprises down the line. Consider all potential costs, including design and architectural fees, as well as materials and labour.

It’s always best to add around 20% to your expected cost to accommodate for contingencies. Best case scenario, your project stays on budget, and you can use the cash to splurge on designer furniture and homewares. Or last-minute extras like an under-stairs, glass-walled wine cellar.

3. Engage a professional design team

A luxury home renovation demands the expertise of a professional design team. At CODA Bespoke, we specialise in creating tailored designs that reflect your unique vision and lifestyle. This can help you make the most of your budget, but also make the process a lot easier.

4. Sustainable luxury

Sustainable luxury is a design concept that’s here to stay. Eco-conscious features not only reduce the environmental impact of your home but enhance its value. Consider incorporating features like green construction materials, energy-efficient lighting and smart home technology.

5. Heritage preservation

If your home has historic value, you may encounter more hurdles than usual when seeking planning permission for your renovation. The process is designed to ensure your property retains its charm while benefiting from modern upgrades. A thoughtful and creative approach to design is usually the best way to strike this balance.

6. Planning permission

Most renovation projects in the UK require planning permission, particularly for significant additions or alterations. Ensure you understand local regulations and planning requirements in your area before starting your project. This will minimise delays and ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

It’s usually worth enlisting the help of a local architectural agency to help fast track the process and liaise with local councils and planning authorities.

7. Quality materials

When planning your renovation, you’re free to choose from a wide range of materials. If a luxury finish is a priority, premium materials like hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry, marble countertops and high-end fixtures can make all the difference. Remember, it’s often the small details that contribute to a luxe aesthetic.

8. Set a timeframe

Setting a timeframe is a good way to keep your renovation project on track and minimise unnecessary delays. Be realistic and allow for some flexibility in your schedule, as delays can occur.

9. Interior and exterior cohesion

When designing your renovation, try to create cohesion between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This will help tie everything together and create a seamless flow within your home.

10. Personalisation and customisation

Renovations shouldn’t just add extra living space to your home. They should focus on creating a space that's uniquely yours. From bespoke furniture and to tailor-made design solutions, don’t be shy to customise your renovation and infuse your personality into the project.

11. Technology integration

Plan ahead to integrate cutting-edge technology into your renovation. Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, enabling homeowners to manage lighting, security, heating and entertainment at their fingertips. While some technologies can be added on after your renovation, planning ahead will help you streamline your system.

12. Lighting design

The right lighting can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. High-end homes often combine ambient, accent and task lighting to complement different spaces. Consider engaging the help of a lighting designer to enhance your new space.

13. Quality craftsmanship

Craftsmanship can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your renovation. Take the time to research local service providers and seek out architects, builders and contractors known for their attention to detail.

14. Quality control

Regular inspections and quality control checks will help identify and address any issues before they escalate. Generally, quality control is a shared responsibility between the homeowner, contractors and project management team.

15. Interior design excellence

Renovations go far beyond the construction phase. A strategic approach to interior design will bring your space to life. Tackle this stage solo if you’re confident or collaborate with interior designers who will help you embrace your unique style.

16. Regular communication

Maintaining open lines of communication with your architect, design team, builders and contractors is imperative. Regular updates will ensure your renovation project progresses smoothly.

17. Celebrate your achievement

When your luxury renovation is complete, take the time to celebrate your achievement and share your new space with family and friends.

Whether it’s hosting a champagne breakfast in the garden or engaging a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your new space, we always encourage our clients to get a little extravagant when it comes to the celebration stage.

After all, renovations are hard work and deserve recognition.

Plan your 2024 renovation with CODA Bespoke

Ready to take the plunge and start your renovation project in 2024? At CODA Bespoke, we understand that home renovations are an exciting journey that demands careful planning, expert guidance and a clear vision. This is why we work closely with each client to craft spaces that are luxurious, liveable and completely unique.

To get started, send us a few details to brief us on your project and we’ll be in touch!

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